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Our mission is to empower young adults and individuals alike with the knowledge that a rewarding career in real estate is within their reach.

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The Achieve Real Estate Program

About The Program

The ACHIEVERealEstate offers a comprehensive 1 year (52-week) program tailored to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in real estate sales.

This meticulously designed program is aimed at providing thorough education and training, starting from the initial stages of obtaining licensure to advanced entrepreneurship skills necessary for successfully operating a thriving real estate business.

Participants will be guided through pre-licensing and post-licensing classes, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the real estate industry effectively.
Additionally, the program includes entrepreneurship training, focusing on strategies for generating leads and closing clients, ensuring participants are well-prepared to establish and manage their own fully operationalized real estate ventures.

Is This Program Right For You?

You should consider this program if:

  • You Are Graduating High School but College is possibly not an option or you are taking a GAP Year to figure things out.
  • Young Adults seeking a rewarding career.
  • New & Seasoned Agents in the business but not making sales
  • Individuals transitioning from another career.
  • Newly Licensed Agents who cannot afford the big brokerage fees and need training

What You Get

Here are some of the things you will get in the Program:

 ⁠Day/night classes to meet busy schedules

Cram course to pass real estate exam

Weekly personal hands on mentorship

Real Estate Software & Tool Set

Entrepreneur-Business Setup

A Funding Business Bank Account

⁠Lead Generation & Marketing Setup and Training

Mandatory Credits Needed for 1st Year Licensees

Benefits Of Joining This Program

Accelerate Your Career

Leap forward in your real estate career with our comprehensive program that spans from initial licensing to mastering advanced sales tactics. Fast-track your success today!

Earn While You Learn

Gain valuable pre- and post-licensing credits to meet industry requirements while receiving real-world experience through our brokerage opportunities. Start building your client list from day one!

Expert Mentorship

Connect with top industry leaders who provide one-on-one mentorship. Receive personalized guidance to navigate your unique challenges and reach your highest potential.

Tech Mastery

Embrace technology with hands-on training in the latest real estate software and tools. Outpace competitors and impress clients with cutting-edge tech proficiency.

Build Your Network

Join a vibrant community of real estate professionals. Expand your network, find collaborators, and forge partnerships that propel your career forward.

Entrepreneurial Skill Development

Learn how to start and efficiently run your own real estate business. From business planning to operational management, become the entrepreneur you've always wanted to be

Effective Marketing Strategies

Master the art of marketing with our specialized training in lead generation and client retention. Watch your client base grow as you apply expert strategies.

Ongoing Career Support

Benefit from continuous support and resources even after program completion to ensure you keep growing and adapting in the dynamic real estate market.

Flexible Learning Options

Enjoy the flexibility of a program that fits your schedule, with online and in-person sessions designed to cater to your lifestyle needs.

Immediate Industry Impact

Make a significant impact in the real estate market almost immediately. With our comprehensive training and resources, you'll be ready to hit the ground running.

Financial Independence

With the skills and knowledge you acquire, it will pave the way towards financial independence. Real estate offers limitless earning potential based on your drive and ambition.

Confidence and Credibility

Graduate from our program with not only a certificate but also the confidence and credibility needed to attract premium clients and high-value deals.

Personal Development

Grow not only professionally but personally as you navigate through challenges, celebrate successes, and develop key interpersonal skills.

Our Past Student Testimonials
LaShana Middleton stands as a pillar of excellence and mentorship within the dynamic landscape of the real estate industry. I've had the privilege of benefiting from her unparalleled expertise and unwavering support, and I can confidently attest to her remarkable qualities as both a mentor and a leader.
Lashana Middleton has been a pivotal asset to my success as a real estate agent and now broker. She pushed me when I doubted my ability to take my career to the next level. She is a selfless human being. If she finds a way to win at this thing called life she is going to make sure she takes everybody with her! If I had to describe her in three words it would be loving, selfless and God fearing. God talks to her a lot and it's always good stuff!! She is stuck with me for life!
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